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Justice Magazine: Issues April - Febuary | Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau

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I know it’s hard,Elsa.

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dear everyone who says he’s a good person

he also punched goofy too, what an imbecile.


He also graffiti’d a building in Australia and when the mayor of the Gold Coast asked him politely to clean it (despite this being a criminal offence and having video evidence of him doing it) he got on a plane and went ot the next country. I really fucking hope he gets arrested. 

And all of this is predates the Brazil fiasco

I am so fucking sick and tired of people defending him no matter how much evidence there is

He also told one of his fans she was a beached whale.

Oh yeah, I remember that last one

Goofy wants payback

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A five meter interactive touchscreen table for collaborative information presentation put together by Mathrioshka and dotdotdot - video embedded below:

Five-meter-long multi-touch table presenting projects of Italian IT company Engineering.

Table and showroom designed by Milan-based studio dotdotdot.

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In honor of Comi-Con this weekend (Not going this year), here’s some sketches WB had me do for last years’ SDCC TTG balloons. The balloon company later told us they couldn’t do something so elaborate :(  

Turns out balloons of characters with toothpick legs and giant heads have trouble standing up, so most had to be sitting down or thickened up.  Starfire turned out pretty good, tho!

If you’re going to SDCC, be sure to grab one of these by TTG Art Director Dan Hipp!

… and also be sure to hit the TTG Panel on Sunday, with a screening of a new episode, a Q&A w/Producers Aaron Horvath & Michael Jelenic, series voice actors, PLUS a special appearance by Puffy AmiYumi.

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by Chiara Bautista

We are absolutely in love!

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This is a very important post.

babies babying together

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This is unexpectedly not about make-up haha

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♔ BRAVE 500px gifs [3/?]
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BRAVE 500px gifs [3/?]

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Disney’s Misunderstood “Monsters”

After I saw it several times, I noticed how Frozen has a lot in common with Beauty and the Beast, especially with their main characters. I can especially think of a lot to compare or contrast between Elsa and the Beast.

Much like the similarities between the protagonists and antagonists of both films, Elsa definitely shares traits with the Beast. For one, both characters are royalty who are cursed with dangerous abilities. However, a major difference between them is that the Beast was a human prince who transformed into the Beast, with a hideous appearance and dangerous capabilities, while Elsa was born with her snow and ice powers. Both characters have blue eyes, wear two different capes with the same colors, and have signature clothing that is blue. The first capes of Elsa and the Beast are purple, then their second capes are blue. But their signature outfits differ because Elsa’s second cape is part of her Snow Queen dress, which is crystal blue, while Beast’s signature outfit is his dark blue suit without a cape.

Because of their abilities, both characters think of themselves as monsters, so they have isolated themselves from the rest of the world in fear and shame from said curses. Interestingly enough, the main events of their respective films take place when they are both twenty-one years old. When they are discovered, they are both feared and misunderstood by people, despite the films’ protagonists trying to convince them that he/she is not dangerous. The theme of their stories also plays with the moral of not to judge by appearance, which is also a definite contrast played with their respective antagonists (Beast with Gaston, Elsa with Hans).

Both the Beast and Elsa are attacked by the villain and a mob for the people’s “safety”, and they are also provoked by an attacker and nearly kill them in a fit of rage, but then stop before they can do it, since the act makes them seem like they are truly monsters. In the case of the Beast, he nearly kills Gaston after the latter taunts the former, but realizes he no longer has the heart to do so. Elsa also tries to kill the Duke’s thugs when they try to kill her first, and Hans ironically calms her down before she can kill the men.

Additionally, both characters are nearly murdered by their respective villains, who fail to do so due to the interferences of the protagonists. However, the outcomes of these are also very different. Gaston stabs Beast, who temporarily dies due to the wound. Hans almost kills Elsa, but is stopped by Anna when she sacrifices herself to save Elsa’s life, at the very moment when the ice curse takes full effect, freezing her to an ice statue. Ironically, Elsa clutching Anna’s frozen body and mourning her mirrors the moment when Belle does the same upon Beast’s death. But because Belle professed her love to Beast at the last moment, with him having fallen in love with her, too, his curse is finally broken and he is brought back to life in his human form. Likewise, Anna’s sacrifice to save Elsa was an act of true love that cured her frozen heart, so she was revived from the curse. This act of love helped Elsa realize that love is the key to controlling her magic, so she was able to remove the winter curse on Arendelle and use them for good.

I love how it’s teaching kids the true definition of ‘monster’. If you ask a kid to describe a monster, they always describe it with an appearance like the Beast (well all did too at that age).

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